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Our History

EAOP ComputersSince 1976, EAOP initiatives at the University of California, San Diego have been in place to increase the number of low-income and ethnically underrepresented students through informational, motivational and academic preparation activities.

UC San Diego’s program currently serves more than 3,000 students at 16 schools and community sites in San Diego and Imperial Counties, with offices on the main UCSD campus and satellite offices in South Bay and Imperial Counties.

The EAOP at UC San Diego is one of ten such EAOP programs administered system-wide by the UC Office of the President to increase the number of low-income and ethnically underrepresented students on UC campuses. EAOP programs represent the largest student-centered initiative in the state.

Of the approximately 500 high school seniors served each year by EAOP at UCSD, more than half are eligible to attend UCSD and other UC institutions, and more than 80 percent will go on to attend college at a UC campus or elsewhere.

We understand that creating a college-going culture is essential to the students' success. To accomplish this goal, EAOP offers a variety of services including: online distance tutoring via web cams with UCSD undergraduates; academic counseling; college admissions workshops; parental sessions; campus tours and community projects.

As EAOP continues to evolve, its commitment to the student always remains: to help educationally disadvantaged students prepare for the University of California.