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San Diego Region

The Program

The San Diego EAOP office was established in 1976 by the University of California (UC) in response to the State Legislature's recommendation to expand post-secondary opportunities to all of California’s students including those who are first-generation, socioeconomically disadvantaged, and English-language learners.The program maintains partnerships and offers full services in two districts:

  • San Diego Unified School District
  • Sweetwater Union Hich School District

Each year, the San Diego Office provides service to over 2,000 students of diverse backgrounds from 9th-12th grades. 

The program is designed to increase the percentage of students who traditionally may not attend a four year post-secondary institution. 

Sevices Offered in Imperial Valley

Who We Serve

We would be happy to assist everyone, but the EAOP's services are available only at specific schools and areas of San Diego  and Imperial counties. It is also important to note that the EAOP primarily serves communities that fit the following description: 

  • Low Family Income
  • Enrollment/current attendace at a school with limited college preparatory curriculum
  • Member of first generation in one's family to attend college
  • Residence in a community with low college going rates
  • Attendance at a school with below average SAT/ACT exam scores

Learn more about our partner schools and organizations