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Who We Are

EAOP is committed to supporting our EAOP students. If you are an EAOP cohort student or parent/guardian of, our outreach officers are available to support you through your higher education planning and preparation process. Visit the Academic Preparation tab to find your region and the contact information for your particular school. 

San Diego

  • Carri Fierro

    Carri Fierro

    Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP)
    TRIO Outreach Programs
    (858) 822-3471

  • Alberto Vasquez

    Alberto Vasquez

    Associate Dir., STEM and Community Relations 
    (858) 822-2058

  • Ryan Fernandez

    Ryan Fernandez

    Assistant Director
    (858) 761-2352
  • Brienneth Durazo

    Brienneth Durazo

    K-14 Academic Prep Specialist
    (858) 761-2488
  • Now Hiring

    K-14 Academic Prep Specialist

  • Francisco Salinas

    Francisco Salinas

    Business Operations Analyst
    (858) 761-1731

Imperial Valley